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The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

January 12, 2012

Most of us are usually very excited about the start of the New Year and rightfully so. With a new...

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Top Five Tips for Your Fittest Summer Ever

July 7, 2014

Well, summer is finally here and I’m sure that’s a relief to those of you on the east coast who...

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Top Five Reasons Why Women Should Pump Iron

April 23, 2014

The very first thing that ninety nine percent of new female clients usually say to me in the gym is...

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Fact or Myth: The Fat Burning Zone?

March 23, 2014

Fact or Myth:  If you want to burn fat during your workout, you should keep your heart rate within...

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High Intensity Sprints Best for Fat Loss?

March 11, 2014

When you’re pressed for time, cut your workouts short and experience greater fat loss.  Results...

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