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Simple Strategies for Making Quick Healthy Meals

Are you challenged by your busy schedule to find the time to plan and make your meals? Do you find yourself eating out more than you would like? Are you frustrated with the pace of your progress but unable to maintain a consistent eating plan? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Over a […]

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Whatever you do make it count

It doesn’t matter if you only have time to do one thing, make it count. It doesn’t matter if you only have ten minutes to exercise, make it count. It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish everything on your “to-do” list; make what you do finish consequential. When the bell finally tolls for you, no […]

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Weight Loss Strategy: Drink up

Recent research reported that just two 8-ounce glasses of water, taken before meals, enable people to shed more weight. This is no surprise; I’ve been counseling my clients for years that increased water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy. To learn how to cut your workout time in half and get twice the results, […]

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Burn the fat, keep your muscles

To get and stay lean your program has to focus on burning fat without sacrificing your muscles. Dieting without weight training will do the opposite. You may lose some weight in the short-term but end up with less muscle and more fat on your body. For best results think ABBM, Always Be Building Muscles. To […]

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