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Top Five Tips for Your Fittest Summer Ever

Well, summer is finally here and I’m sure that’s a relief to those of you on the east coast who experienced a pretty nasty winter. So what are your plans for the summer? Oh, let me guess, weekends at the beach, barbecues in the park, and lots of eating out. But if you’ve been training […]

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Top Five Reasons Why Women Should Pump Iron

The very first thing that ninety nine percent of new female clients usually say to me in the gym is “I don’t want to build muscles.” Really? Are you kidding me? Do you thing your yoga and Pilates can ever come close to giving you the benefits that you can get from a regular challenging […]

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Fact or Myth: The Fat Burning Zone?

Fact or Myth:  If you want to burn fat during your workout, you should keep your heart rate within a certain zone (The Fat Burning Zone)?  Just recently I heard a personal trainer said this to a client on the treadmill.  Like most things, if you hear it often enough you start to believe it […]

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High Intensity Sprints Best for Fat Loss?

When you’re pressed for time, cut your workouts short and experience greater fat loss.  Results from a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggest that repeated maximal-intensity sprints yield greater fat loss than longer-duration, moderate-intensity running. The study The 20 study participants were split into two groups: sprinters and runners. Each group […]

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Your Brain on Food: The “Trick” to Eating Better, p2/2

In part one of this article I shared that the more you eat highly processed sugary foods, the more you will crave them because your brain will push you to eat more of them.  The end result is that you are often unconsciously drawn to those foods not because you lack willpower, but because your […]

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Your Brain on Food: The “Trick” to Eating Better, p1/2

For the past two decades the American public has been fed the same useless advice, “eat less and move more.”  But this certainly hasn’t prevented the obesity rate from skyrocketing among all segments of the population.  Many well-meaning nutrition professionals also gave the same inaccurate advice to their clients.  The common thought has always been […]

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Start with a 21-Day Detox-Cleanse

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, it is never too early or too late for a dietary cleanse, otherwise known as detoxing the body. Why bother detoxing the body, you may ask?  Well, think about it, the average party season of eating and drinking may lead to bouts of indigestion and stomach upsets and […]

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Comp Copy of My New Book: Fitness & Spirituality

Happy Holidays Everyone! I know that most of you who read my blog posts are interested in getting your bodies back.  And I am here to support you in not just getting fit, but  to also look good naked, because in the process you will transform your life. To support you, I have discounted ALL […]

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Can You Eat Whatever You Want Over the Holidays and Not Gain a Pound?

So, once again the holidays are upon us and, of course, this is the time of year when I’m supposed to tell you how to stay healthy and make it to New Years without gaining weight. But here’s a new twist for you. Instead of thinking about not gaining weight, why don’t you challenge yourself […]

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Pump Up Your Willpower Muscles

Willpower is like a muscle. The more you flex it, the stronger it gets. Not only that. Numerous studies have demonstrated that regularly exerting your willpower through physical exercise leads to better willpower in nearly all other areas of life. Like a muscle, regularly exerting self-control will leave your willpower muscle exhausted and depleted in […]

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