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Dr. Del’s Get Lean by Summer Fitness Challenge!

My challenge to you is to build your leanest body between April and June. I want you to look good naked on the beach this summer. I am even offering to coach you along the way. Each week I will design three new workouts (beginner, intermediate & advance) and a new meal plan with complete […]

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Whatever you do make it count

It doesn’t matter if you only have time to do one thing, make it count. It doesn’t matter if you only have ten minutes to exercise, make it count. It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish everything on your “to-do” list; make what you do finish consequential. When the bell finally tolls for you, no […]

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Try Something New

I’m Baaaack! You may have noticed that there were no new posts at my blog last week. Well, that’s because I was on a family vacation. And believe it or not, I did not check email, Facebook, and Twitter or do anything on the computer that pertained to work. In short, I took time off […]

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BEWARE The Energy Thief, P2/2

Last time I shared with you (In part one of this article) that when you learn to manage your personal energy, not only will you get more done in less time, but you will also feel better about the things that you do and will be better able to handle all of life’s little annoyances […]

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BEWARE The Energy Thief

You are responsible for your own energy. You’re also responsible for the energy you show up with, as well as how you use that energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, most of us allow others to rob us of our vital energy everyday. We allow those with whom we associate daily to slowly drain our energy […]

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A Few Minutes of Stillness Can Dramatically Improve Your Day

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Southern California. On days like this I like to sit outside and do my writing or other computer projects. For the past ten minutes, however, I’ve been sitting at my computer attempting to write a couple articles that are due this week, buy nothing comes to mind. All I […]

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How to Snap Out of a Bad Mood, part 2/2

In part one, I wrote that awareness and emotional honesty are key components in your ability to snap out of a bad mood quickly. I also shared with you that emotions are energy. And there is no good or bad energy. However, energy does have a positive and a negative charge, consequently, positive and negative […]

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How to Snap Out of a Bad Mood, Part 1/2

Let’s face it; we all get stressed for one reason or another. But if you wake up in a bad mood or find yourself in a bad mood as a result of having a stressful day, you can easily snap out of it if you choose. The key word here is “choose.” It’s all about […]

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Argue For Your Limitations And They Are Yours To Keep

I was having a conversation with, yes, you guessed it, another client today and she was explaining why she went to visit family for a week and didn’t exercise. After asking her a series of questions she kept saying that she chose not to exercise in order to support her family members. Wait a minute; […]

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The Paradox of Our Age

I’m sure by now most of you have read the passage written by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama titled, The Paradox of Our Age. Nelson Mandela quoted it and so did the late George Carlin, one of my favorite comedians. Incidentally, I have it posted above my desk. I’m writing about it now because […]

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