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High Intensity Sprints Best for Fat Loss?

Posted by Dr. Del | March 11, 2014

When you’re pressed for time, cut your workouts short and experience greater fat loss.  Results from a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggest that repeated maximal-intensity sprints yield greater fat loss than longer-duration, moderate-intensity running.

The study
The 20 study participants were split into two groups: sprinters and runners. Each group ran three times per week for 6 weeks. The first group performed all-out sprints, 30 seconds in duration, six times per session. They were given a 4-minute rest between sprints. The second group ran for 30–60 minutes per session at 65% VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption).

By the end of the 6-week study, fat mass had decreased by 5.8% in the moderate-intensity group and by 12.4% in the sprint group. Both groups experienced improvements in 2,000-meter run time and VO2max.

The bottom line
You’ll get better fat loss results from doing an all out 10-minute interval sprint session than by jogging at a constant pace for twice as long.  Best way to integrate this into your program?  Start with a constant pace workout for a couple weeks, then switch to sprint training for a couple weeks.  Switch back and forth every two weeks.  Implement this simple strategy and you’ll experience significant fat loss results after just 4-6 weeks.

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