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Top Five Tips for Your Fittest Summer Ever

Well, summer is finally here and I’m sure that’s a relief to those of you on the east coast who experienced a pretty nasty winter. So what are your plans for the summer? Oh, let me guess, weekends at the beach, barbecues in the park, and lots of eating out. But if you’ve been training […]

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Fact or Myth: The Fat Burning Zone?

Fact or Myth:  If you want to burn fat during your workout, you should keep your heart rate within a certain zone (The Fat Burning Zone)?  Just recently I heard a personal trainer said this to a client on the treadmill.  Like most things, if you hear it often enough you start to believe it […]

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Summer Emergency!

Summer is almost here! And this year, I’m gonna skip the beach! NOT! Hey, have you been working on your summer body? I have. But in case you’ve forgotten that in less than a month you’ll be ripping your shirts off (gentlemen) and wishing you looked better in your bathing suits (ladies), don’t despair. I’ll […]

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