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Success Principle: Ask for Help

Summer is quickly approaching, that’s right, summer. Is your body where you thought it would be at this point in the year? It’s okay; we all sometimes have grand plans that don’t materialize in the time frame that we would like. But to be successful in any area of life is to know when to […]

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The Best You’ve Ever Been

Welcome to 2012.  Who would have thought that we would have been here so soon.  This year, in addition to building your leanest body ever, I am also going to challenge you to take whatever it is that you’re doing to the next level.  Let’s not leave “good enough” alone, let’s make it better.  I […]

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The Motivation Myth

We’re only three weeks into January and already I’ve noticed that the New Year’s Resolution crowd is slowly disappearing from the gym. This is not atypical, it happens every year. By the beginning of February, we’ll be back to the regular crowd, with the addition of a few new faces. The question is this, what […]

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