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The ‘Exercise Paradox’: It’s the “Free Radicals” man! Part 2/2

In part one of this article I gave you a simplified explanation of what free radicals are. As a reminder, they can best be compared to the little hot sparks that fly out of a wood burning fireplace. If these hot sparks land on your carpet, they will burn the carpet. Likewise, free radicals roam […]

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The ‘Exercise Paradox’: It’s the “Free Radicals” man! Part 1/2

You’ve no doubt heard the phrases used many times. But what exactly are “free radicals,” “oxidative stress” and “antioxidants”. These are the buzzwords of the new vitamin supplement marketers designed to capture your attention. And while you may be (and should be) skeptical about the validity of the information you read from most supplement manufacturers, […]

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Research Update: The Missing Link in Sports Nutrition

As athletes, most of us like to think that we are invincible. We train hard and sometimes dedicate our entire lives to the pursuit of perfection. Consequently, we sometimes tend to be so focused on the specific demands of our individual sport or activity, that we fail to see the potential negative impact such activities […]

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