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Get Your Bikini-Ready Body by Summer.

In case you’ve forgotten that summer is less than a month away, have no fear, you can still achieve a bikini-ready body in just four week. To achieve great results in such a short period of time means that you have to learn the rapid fat loss secrets that physique athletes use to get ready […]

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Your Summer Body, part 2/2

I’m spending all this time writing about your midsection because I know once the realization of summer being upon us hits you, the first thing most of you will start doing is crunches. But I’ve got news for you. Crunches alone won’t do. As I often share with my clients, abs are made in the […]

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12 Weeks Till Summer! Will You Be Ready?

You can still build your leanest body by summer. If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to get going! What are you waiting for? I’ve been on your case since January. Don’t you dare show up this summer with your winter layers on; that’s pure unadulterated laziness. Get started now if you haven’t […]

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