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Simple Strategies for Making Quick Healthy Meals

Are you challenged by your busy schedule to find the time to plan and make your meals? Do you find yourself eating out more than you would like? Are you frustrated with the pace of your progress but unable to maintain a consistent eating plan? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Over a […]

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This Is IT…

Next week the holiday season will come to an end and the resolution season will begin. Have you thought about what your health and fitness goals will be for the New Year? To help you along I will be offering you a comp copy of my new book, Dr. Del’s Rapid Fatloss Manual, in exchange […]

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The Power of Persistence!

Those of you who are interested in building a leaner body or losing weight should really pay close attention to this post because it’s the most important thing you need to know when it comes to changing your body. As I’ve often coached my clients: Success is doing small things consistently over time! The key […]

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Fat Vs. Muscle

We hear it all the time… “I’m working out less and my muscles are turning into fat!” This is one of the biggest myths in weight training. Muscle and fat are completely different types of tissue and can’t magically be changed. Muscle shrinks (atrophy) when not stimulated, so your muscles may seem softer. Compounding the […]

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Build Your Leanest Body By Summer, Wherever You Are!

The Fitness Challenge has officially started! I have to admit that I am a bit surprised that more of you have not signed up yet.  What are you waiting for? Did I mention that I am going to coach you along the way to build a lean sexy body by summer? I get dozens of […]

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The Best You’ve Ever Been

Welcome to 2012.  Who would have thought that we would have been here so soon.  This year, in addition to building your leanest body ever, I am also going to challenge you to take whatever it is that you’re doing to the next level.  Let’s not leave “good enough” alone, let’s make it better.  I […]

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Win An IPAD2—Dr. Del’s Fitness Challenge

So, we are now in February, yes, 2012. And how are those fitness goals coming along? By now, you should be seeing the results of your hard work. If you’re not, then something is not working. Either you’ve got the wrong program or you’re just not following one. My challenge to you is to build […]

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Build Your Leanest Body Ever, This Year! Part 2

In my previous post, I gave you a couple of the key concepts from my fat loss research that I think will be instrumental in helping you build your leanest body ever, this year. Below are another five key concepts that have been scientifically proven to assist you on your quest to look good naked. […]

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Build Your Leanest Body Ever, This Year! Part I

Over the years, I’ve challenged my readers to look good naked, be the best you’ve ever been, train smarter to reach your body’s potential, among other things. This year, my challenge to you is to build your leanest body ever. This won’t be easy, but it is entirely within your reach. To be successful, however, […]

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Drink Up: Here’s to Your Weightloss

Many dieters trying to lose weight often overlook some of the most important things. As usual, the simple things make a big difference. One of the most important is drinking lots of water. Recent clinical trials confirmed that drinking more water could actually help in speeding up the weightloss process. Recent research reported that just […]

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