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How to Get a Summer Body: Lean in Eight Weeks

Posted by Dr. Del | April 19, 2013

Are you working on your summer body? Believe it or not, it’s already April. That means that summer officially begins in less than three months. I don’t know about you, but I’m already in training because I would be lying if I were to say that I don’t enjoy getting attention when I’m strutting down the beach shirt-less.

I also never take my shirt off unless I look my best. Nor do I ever take pictures or go on vacation without first putting myself through a rigorous training and nutrition plan. These are just some of my little rules that keep me motivated to look my best year-round.

Speaking of motivation, here’s how I stay motivated. I train hard for three months then I take a week off to relax and just enjoy eating whatever I want. At the end of that week I am back in training and back on my regular summer body meal plan.

So what are your goals for the summer? Are you going to be embarrassed to take your shirt off again this year gentlemen, because you’ve been drinking a bit too much all winter long? Or are you going to start working on your summer body.

Ladies, doesn’t it feel good when you’re walking around the pool or at the beach and you can feel every eye focused on you because you look so darn good in your bathing suit? I think every woman should have this experience at least once in her life because it sure is good for the ego. Besides, us men certainly enjoy watching you strut your stuff; we’re happy for you.


How to get your summer body?

Believe it or not you can still lose ten to twenty pounds before July. And if your weight is okay, you still have time to get rid of that extra layer of flab before summer. Even if you look okay now, why settle for okay? You can look great with my Eight-Week Summer Body Lean-out Plan. Here’s how it works:

Eight-Week Lean-out Plan

Weeks one and two
For your first two weeks you’re going to follow my Fitness/Muscle-building Meal Plan. The objective of this plan is to build muscle and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Keep in mind that building muscle will increase your metabolism. And the fitter you are (aerobically) the more efficiently your body will burn fat.

So what I want you to do for these two weeks is to do weight training three to four times each week and thirty minutes of intense cardio six days each week. You want to increase the intensity of your training (the amount of weight you’re lifting, the resistance on the bike or speed/incline on the treadmill) from week to week.

Start at a weight that you can comfortably do 12-15 repetitions, and then increase the weight by small increments on every exercise each week. Work the upper body one day and the lower the next. You should also increase the intensity of your cardio workouts each day. If weight training is new to you hire a professional trainer and have him/her design an upper body and a lower body program for you.

Weeks three and four
For the next two weeks you’re going to follow my Fat-loss Meal plan. The focus here is plain and simple fat burning. You’re to continue to do your four days of weight training, however, think about doing a circuit. Keep the weight challenging enough to do fifteen to twenty repetitions. Do five or six exercises one after the other with no rest, followed by three minutes of cardio (rope-jumping, running, biking, etc.) followed by a one minute break (walk around, don’t stand or sit).

Pick another five or six exercises and start the process over. It’s okay to repeat exercises. Do this for one hour. On your weight training days do another thirty minutes of moderate cardio. On your non-weight training days, do one hour of moderate cardio. You should be training six days per week.

Week five
Follow the Fitness/Muscle-building Meal Plan as in weeks one and two. However, your training should be even more intense. Train hard and push yourself beyond your limits with your cardio. The name of the game is intensity, intensity, and intensity. By now you should be lifting much heavier weights than in your first two weeks. Pick a weight that is challenging for you to do eight to ten repetitions; if you can do more reps when you’re done the weight isn’t heavy enough.

Week six
Follow the Fat-loss Meal and training plan as in weeks three and four. Ideally, this is the time when I would do an hour of moderate cardio first thing in the morning and another hour in the evening. The more you do, the more you burn.

Week seven
We’re back to the Fitness/Muscle-building Meal Plan. Your training is as you did in week five. Only this time your intensity should be through the roof. Your week five weights should be warm-ups. In other words, you should be training out of your mind. Your thirty minutes of cardio should be high intensity intervals. Warm up for five minutes, then change the speed or resistance each minute until you reach your max then bring it back down for a minute. Repeat for thirty minutes. Intensity, intensity, intensity!

Week eight
This is it. The Grand Finale. You’ve worked your butt off now it’s time to make sure that at the end of the week you can put on that bathing suit and be proud (if you stuck with my eight week plan, I guarantee that you’ll be proud of yourself because you’ll look and feel so much better).

Anyway, here’s the plan. Each day you’re going to switch back and forth between my Fitness/Muscle-building training and meal plan (as in week seven) and my Fat-loss Meal and training plan (as in week six).

Start each day with a gallon container of water and try and finish it before you go to bed. You might only be able to finish half of it at first, but keep working at it.

Fish Oil
Fish oils are a very important source of the essential fats that your body needs each day and cannot make. I highly recommend that you supplement with fish oil capsules or flax seeds daily.

Fruit and vegetable capsules
I do not recommend vitamins because whole foods are more bioavailable to the body. That is, your body will absorb more of the nutrients it needs because nutrients work together synergistically, not alone. I recommend a fruit and vegetable capsule, such as JuicePlus, because the more active you are, the more micro-nutrients your body will need to take care of digestion, elimination, circulation, and to protect you from the harmful effects of energy metabolism.

How many calories do you need?
Obviously there is a level of detail that I cannot get into here. However, use your common sense or pick up a copy of one of my Rapid Fatloss books, or join my free Get Lean for Summer Coaching Program. If you follow the general guidelines that I gave you, you’ll be fine. During your muscle building phase ladies should be having about 1500 calories per day.

When you cut the carbs during the fat-loss phase that calorie count will drop and that’s okay. Gentlemen, you may need to add two to four servings of protein and carbs depending on your weight. Again, use common sense. You may also want to try my new book, Dr. Del’s Rapid Fatloss Meal Plan, or just join my free summer body coaching program. Don’t increase the size of your meals, have more meals.

The bottom line
Well, there you have it. That’s the exact plan I use with my serious clients and myself. I guarantee that if you follow it consistently you will get results. Remember, summer will be here before you know it, so train hard and be consistent with your meal plan. See you at the beach.


Until next time, do something worth imitating. Experience. Share. Grow.

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